blue print in the big apple.

store owner,  Caroline Davis, and store manager, Lisa Barnes, traveled to the Big Apple recently to scout out some fun finds for blue print.  here’s a sneak peek…  new striped candle sticks (adore!), natural wood iphone covers (great idea for father’s day, hint hint), ikat throw pillows (we can’t have enough ikat), and beautiful handmade pottery dishware (dishwasher safe, can you believe?).  we are anxiously awaiting these new items in the store.  hurry up, mr. postman!  we’ll be sure to let you know once they arrive.

February 16, 2012

design tip tuesday: design from the heart

it’s tip tuesday!  more to the point, it’s tip-valentine-tuesday!

{warning: please excuse this sappy moment} we like pretty things, that’s no secret.  but pretty or not, it is important that the things you surround yourself with everyday mean something to you.  we say keep the kids drawings, horse camp ribbons, and macaroni string necklaces — those are special, no doubt — just don’t pin them to any ole cork board, cover it with fabric and beautiful trim.  we say frame that handwritten letter that’s been in the bottom of the bedside drawer for ages and place it on your vanity or dresser — somewhere personal where you can read it every day.  we say put that antique silver serving platter from your grandmother’s china (you only use it once in a blue moon) in a plate holder and hang it on your wall as art.  design your space with the things that mean the most to you and your family.  from all of us here at blue print, we say design from the heart.  that’s where it counts.

{bonus tip}  keep on reading!  less sappy things below, we promise.

February 15, 2012

we’ve got the blues for all things agate

we can’t say enough good things about agate.  they come in every shape, size and color — each one more unique than the last.  it’s the perfect pop of color for any table top or shelf display.  we think they make fabulous gifts too.  and might we add…they make the gift-giver (ahemmm, you!) look extra hip — who else is boxing up fabulous polished rocks?  rest assured this gift isn’t the usual.  agate book ends $75-90 for purchase at blue print store.

February 13, 2012

meet the blue crew: jordan glasgow

there are gals a’plenty here at blue print.  we’d love to introduce ourselves every so often (in no particular order, we’re all special), in hopes you can get to know us a little better.  we may be tooting our horn a bit when we say, we are a mighty friendly bunch.

jordan spends the majority of her time working for our parent design firm, collins interiors.  however, she devotes one day a week completely to blue print.  jordan works as one of our blue print styling gurus (more to come on styling later!).  whether it be help with paint colors, flooring ideas, lighting updates or simply “where the heck should i place this darn sofa?” — jordan is your gal.

things you should know about jordan:  she’s houston-bred and about as big as a minute.  she doesn’t chew gum.  she’s a newlywed.  her favorite color at the moment is lilac (ask her next week and it might be different).

bubble chair available for purchase at blue print store $1,500.

February 12, 2012

movin’ & shakin’

doesn’t it feel like you could just LIVE at blue print?  we think so!  well, our very kind (and strong!) friends at Finesse Delivery make that cozy feeling possible.  we like to make it seem effortless but we need to let you in on a little secret:  just like any other well designed spaces, our rooms & walls don’t just dress themselves!  our stylists are sticklers for detail — and our Finesse Delivery friends are the very BEST when it comes to dealing with our oh-so-particular requests.

…up the stairs, down the stairs, a little to the right, scoot to the left, no wait…a smidge more to the right…  back up the stairs, back down the stairs, a little higher, 2 inches down please.  you get the gist.

come check out the store this week!  we’ve done some heavy-lifting for your shopping pleasure!

February 10, 2012

bonjour from paris

burrr… we are cold just LOOKING at you two!

blue print owners Cynthia Collins & Leslie Jenkins have just thawed off from a chilly Southern France buying trip.  frozen fountains, slippery sidewalks and bitter cold winds–these ladies are willing to tough it out in the coldest of conditions for Blue Print!  let us remind you, these are Tejas girls through and through, and temperatures below 20 are not in their comfort zones.

the shipment from Paris is due in two months which means it will feel like Christmas morning sometime in April!  these little birdies tell us beidermeier chests, swedish chairs, murano light fixtures, and rose medallion place settings are all headed our way.  oui! oui! oui!

we’ve got the blues for vintage paperweights

“we’ve got the blues” series is all about our staff favorites.  things we love.  things we adore.

we’ve got the blues in the best of ways (not the sad kind) for vintage paperweights.  all of our paperweights were handpicked by our owners in england.  the intricate designs and bright colors make us all the more happy.  arrange a few together for a more contemporary looking collection or place a single one on top of the heap of magazines you’ve been meaning to thumb through.  either way, it’s table-top art in the most whimsical of mediums.

vintage paperweights $45-80 at blue print store.

February 7, 2012

drumroll please…it’s official. we blog!

you heard us.  it’s official.  we blog!

blue print store has a brand spankin’ new blogblue print opened its store doors november 2010 and we are now thrilled to open our virtual doors nearly a year later.

our hope is that you can sit down and take a dreamy visual vacation here on our blog—maybe even learn a little something while you are at it.  you’ll find tips, tricks, our favorite new finds, behind-the-scenes store make-overs and your fix on all things blue print store related.  our store owners & designers will even be contributing their two cents!  believe us, we are all ears when those 5 chime in.

we are excited to be a part of the big ‘ole blogosphere.  here’s to happy clicking!

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Our hope is that you can sit down and take a dreamy visual vacation here on our blog – maybe even learn a little something while you are at it. Happy clicking!


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