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April 9th, 2012
there she glows!

last week our boss-lady, cynthia collins,  took on the GEM‘s 3-day, juice-only “six-pack-to-glow” cleanse (read all about it here).  we are happy to report she made it!  true to style, she never once lost her cheerful spunk.  {the truth} collins says “the hardest part is not chewing real foods for that length of time. that does take some adjustment” but she says “the health benefits far outweigh the challenges.”  with ingredients like kale, cucumber, beet, cashew milk & ginger root there are bound to be some real rewards — and she is reaping the rewards tenfold.  collins says ‘the six-pack looks and sounds a lot scarier than it really it is!  there is real truth in the fact that it gives you a natural glow.  i feel great!”  she highly recommends giving it a glow (whoops, we mean go).

if 3-days is slighting intimidating, the GEM also offers a great 1-day juice-only option.  a perfect introduction to the new juicing craze!  thanks to our friends at the GEM, cynthia is glowing.  literally.

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